Petworth Park

For the next weeks I’m going to be working on very early shifts, so today I took a time out to enjoy the countryside. Petworth Park is where I went today and took some photos of the amazing views, deer and scenery. Later in the year I’ll come back with a better lens for close […]

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Toy Hill

On my way back from a short weekend getaway today I stumbled upon this woodland and took a few photos showing the vibrant and stunning array of colours in such a dull and moody season. Autumn.

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Railway Relics #2

Recently I ventured on another trip to see what remains where left of another lost railway line, this time I drove to Heathfield to explore the old ‘Cuckoo’ line trail. Starting from the back of a Co-Op store I walked the trail from there to a farm to which it seems has the public have […]

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Sussex Exploration #1

Most poeple these days are too busy to nice what’s in front of them let alone underneath which is why lost golden treasures and dark creepy tunnels pass by unseen. Disused and abandoned buildings, roads and railways have always fascinated me which is why today I set myself a places to visit. Just outside Lewes […]

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The weather for my latest photo session was practically perfect, dry but moist underfoot with patches of sunshine regally braking through the clouds. Chailey was my studio this time which can be found just north of Lewes and offers a few parking areas to visit the local ‘common’ areas. Here are the photos I’ve selected […]

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Lewes Area

Good weather on a British bank holiday?! It was the perfect excuse to go for a (hot & sticky) walk around the chalk hills in Lewes and Southease Station.

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